Craziness behind Autumn Box Shipment day!

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Craziness behind Autumn Box Shipment day!

Every time shipment day rolls around. It's like a bomb exploded in the studio/house. 

For the Autumn box, it was no difference! 

Let me tell you! It was hectic! 
I had to work a 3 days trip (I'm a Flight Attendant) before shipment day! I stayed up all night getting everything ready and I'm telling you! I am getting wayyyy too old for all nighters!

I remember back when I was in my 20s, I used to Cosplay, so guess what? 
Before each convention, guess who's up all night finishing up costumes? 

This gal!

And to top it off,  I used to be running on 30 minutes of sleep for some days of the con. Is that even consider as sleep?

Anyways! All it's telling me now is that I'm getting old and I shouldn't pull all nighters anymore... haha...

Back to the box thought, I am so proud of our team! This is one of our best box yet! Everyone had worked hard! Here's some behind the scene photos for you all to enjoy!

Those blood(fake) though.... ;)
Our Mystery Gift: No Human or animals were harm in the process of making these... ;)

All the packages!
Packages are all packed and ready to go! Many tissue papers were harmed in this process! Muahaha!

Everything MUST be in order!
This part usually gives me great anxieties! I always have thoughts like, "OMG! I missed something" or "OH NO! Where does this item go? It was JUST right here!?!"


Not going to lie, I am SO GLAD it's over! haha! 
I can finally breathe a little! 

Every time it's Shipment date, the best part for me is to drop all the boxes off at the post office, man! Such an awesome feeling! 

And of course I will do it again in a heart beat! Which I AM! Along with many great Artists that are on this Journey with me thanks to all of you!

I've learned my lesson, lol. Don't work trips a week before shipment date! *wrote down on paper*

Thank you for reading this far!
I'll se you soon with more updates!

Stay tune!


Your Hidden Dreams Gatekeeper 

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