About our Wigs

The story of our wigs went way back to 2006. 

It started when I owned my first doll from LUTS, she was a KID DELF ANI. I love her. However. Every wig I've bought for her eventually falls off her head with a slight movement within a month or two... worse yet, brand new and during a photoshoot!

I wanted something a little more dependable and last a long time! Something where I can be more flexible with during a photo session and me not having to spend most of my time fixing the wig or putting it back on! Waste of time right? I much rather be shooting!

Many frustrated failed attempts later, I've came up with the final product you'll receive upon buying today. An elasticated fully functional and lasting wig! as of now, my specialty is in Faux Fur wig. However. I'm currently in the work for realistic synthetic style. :) It's still in it's trials and errors stage. So please be on a look out for the day that it will get launch! 

In the mean time, give our company Fur wig a try. You will not regret it. We've gotten over hundreds of 5 stars reviews on ETSY over the years for our awesome wigs!

Check out the 40+ wig colors collection!


I've also made these two "How to Style Fur Wigs" Video to help guide you to a newer height when it comes to owning fur wigs! 

I hope it helps!

Part 1- Styling Basic

Part 2- Taking it a step further!