About Us

Weightless Sky Studio 

Our name came from the idea of being free with nothing holding back, the sky is the limit. We all enjoy making and creating things, so being able to serve and deliver these handmade products to you is a joy to us. 

We aim to be a community of Local & International Artists that work together to bring you the best unique products you cannot find anywhere else!

Our hope is that it will give Artists a good platform to showcase their work as well as getting the support we think they truly deserve from both you and Weightless Sky Studio. 

Our humble beginning: 

When it all began,

Hello everyone,

My name is Joanne Duong. I am the Founder and President of Weightless Sky Studio. Our name had came a long way. Akasarushi was ultimately the name i operate under for the BJD related things for a very long time. We still use it today. 

Akasarushi is a name made up by me. I want a name where there's no multiple clashes among other web owners or users. So i made up a name formed by Japanese characters in the Japanese alphabet.

I am a Graphic Designer, but I have love for designing clothes. Although I might love designing clothes, I know it's not the major for me. Therefore, I take it in as a hobby instead and it's working quite well.

My first encounter with BJD is through myspace. I was browsing for sewing groups and bump into a BJD group somehow. At first I just thought they're simple pretty to look at. I saw the price and could never imagine myself owning one. Well, one faithful crazy day, my heart beat up my brain and I ended up buying my first doll in March 2006. It was Kid-Delf ANI from LUTS. She's gorgeous and I love her dearly.

Then Winter came, so i ended up purchasing my second doll, SOOM NAMU in Winter 2006. He was gorgeous! Unfortunately, he have to go because I later found out SD size are not for me.

Finally, a year later after my first doll, on December 4, 2007, I've decided to purchase another, yet another LUTS product, Kid-Delf BORY....

That was the start of it all...