BJD Seasonal Box

Hidden Dreams Seasonal Fantasy Box

Our Seasonal Box service is offered quarterly to our customer. It's very similar to subscription box service, however, we do not force you to buy all the boxes or have your card charge automatically every month. We aim to have you decide when you want to buy, and if you're impressed with what we offer and want to fully commit to the whole year! We have a purchase plan for that as well. 

Our brand had always been wanting to get into more fantasy theme things. We love it! Elves! Mermaids! Angels! you name it! We want to spend this year tackling just that!

You have spoken and we hear you loud and clear! Many of you have expressed how you would love to see more weapons for your dolls! You want varieties! you want the surprises! That's part of the fun we feel like is not knowing what you'll be getting into each box, now, we heard you loud and clear on "but what if the items is not worth the price I've paid?" We totally understand! That's why 80% of our items are all handmade by artists! You'll guarantee to get one of a kind unique products that you cannot get anywhere else! 

Now, on to the more important question!

What will I be getting in my Box each season?

List of things that could be in your box: 

Theme Clothes

A Weapon

A Pet

A Wig

Hair Accessories



A Theme Mystery Gift

Two Theme Mystery Gift (VVIP)


Important Dates to remember: 

Spring Box Order Date:  January 15th- February 10th

Spring Box Shipment Date:  March 15th

Summer Box Order Date: March 15th - April 10th

Summer Box Shipment Date: June 15th

Autumn/Fall Box Order Date: June 15th - July 10th

Autumn/Fall Box Shipment Date: September 15th

Winter Box Order Date: September 15th - October 10th

Winter Box Shipment Date: December 15th


Oh noooo,
why does it take so long to ship? Well, once we receive your orders, all the artists will spring into action, that is if we haven't already started already. :) Art takes time and we want to bring the best merchandise we can. So thank you in advance for your patience. We promise your wait will be worth it.