Hidden Dreams Artists Info

Greetings, Thank you for stopping by and learn more about our amazing artists. Please feel free to check out their work at their personal shop below to show your support. Their work will also be available on our site as well, so be on a look out. 

Note: Title below are meant for our Fantasy Theme box. :) 


Joanne Duong - Tailor & Jeweler

Joanne Duong Founder & President of Weightless Sky Studio
Hi there!
I want to take a moment to thank you for your ongoing support for us! We do truly appreciate it!
I'm a artist that specializes in doll clothing and Jewelries for the box, but I can do a little bit of everything else as well. 
So be sure to check out "Jo's Boutique" for human size things like handmade necklaces and more. 
Quick link to "JO's Boutique"

Gustavo Gonzalez - Weapon Smith

Gustavo Gonzalez
Prop maker
Coming soon...

Sam Khan - Eyes Master & Weapon Smith


Sam Khan
Eyes Master & Weapon Smith
Thank you for your interest in my work! I am an artist specializing in BJD customization, eyes, and diorama miniatures. I focus on fantasy dolls as they are my passion! I hope I can help you bring your dolls to life. :) "


Toni Spatz - Pet Tamer

Toni Spatz
Pet Tamer
"Hello! Pet Tamer Spatz here! I work with clay and 2D concept artwork. I tend to work in a more in person commissions and events. Happy to be part of this group! "

Toni Spatz - Pet Tamer

Bardic Kitty
Scale Armor Specialist
Coming soon...