Dream with Us Full Year Membership

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Full Year Membership for this year is capped out! Thank you for your support. Please be on a lookout for Next year's Membership opening! <3


Dream with Us Full Year Membership

Once purchased, you’ll be automatically upgraded to VVIP Status and will receive “Full Dreams” box every season along with 2-3 extra mystery gifts in each box. What size and gender? That will be entirely up to you! :)

***Note: There's only a limited amount of VVIP status available for purchase each month, so don't miss out on its open status***

The box could Include most if not all: 

Hair Accessories
+Extras base on your status 

Each Season's Pricing will de different, you'll be the first to see the preview. As VVIP, you'll never have to worry about price change!


Grand Opening Exclusive: All Hidden Dreams Boxes are Free Shipping!

As VVIP, You'll always get Free shipping. The current pricing is only for this Year's VVIP! Yearly membership Price will increase starting 2021, so take advantage of the low pricing today! As VVIP, if you want to continue membership for next year as well. We will honor the VVIP status and keep your membership price for 2021 the same as when you first signed up!

On the fence about this Dream with Us Full Year Membership? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

Inventory Last Updated: Dec 03, 2020