Hidden Dreams SUMMER: Full Dream Box

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Full Dream Box

Want the full experience?
These items are only around for Spring 2020! Made to order. Get the whole set and enjoy it! Don't miss out on this one time box!

Sub-theme: "Warriors of Atlantis"


Box Includes: 

A Weapons
A Wig
A Pet
The Hair Accessories
A pair of Eyes
A Necklace
+An extra Item for Legacy Status
or 2 Extra items for VVIP member

Spring Box Artists:
**Joanne Duong
**Gustavo Gonzalez
**Sam Khan
**Bardic Kitty


 In Comments/Notes section please fill out the following:

Doll Scale : 


This will let us know what scale items to send you. We have 3 sizes;

Large: 1/3 BJD Scale

Medium: 1/4 BJD Scale

Small: 1/6 Scale


Grand Opening Exclusive: All Hidden Dreams Boxes are Free Shipping!



For Doll size Scale info coming soon.....

The Hidden Dreams SUMMER: Full Dream Box was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 13, 2020